News Flash!

News Flash!

With all the changes that are happening in the tattoo industry, are nuances being lost? Typically I hate questions like this. LOL! For real! I do. I’m a very cerebral person, I love analysis, but dwelling on the pontification of a subject for the sake of sounding intelligent drives me crazy. It all does depend on the situation and how the question is being asked, of course, but when it oozes out of someone’s mouth just for the sake of sounding smart…oh no. The worst is when I hear that air filled question…what is art? Pshhh. Blah, blah, blah. If that question ever comes up in conversation and you’re sitting across from me, look at my face. I won’t be able to hide my reaction. Ahhhahahaha!!!!

But I was enjoying my day in Los Angeles earlier this week, cleaning the Speakeasy Tattoo shop and thinking about this…with the incredible, mind-blowing custom work that’s being created all around the world, is the flash, as we know it in the traditional sense, disappearing?

This thought seeped into my brain because I’ve been assigned a task and that is to create my own sheet of flash. It’s a fun project. Five designs…I might do ten (we’ll see). But for some reason when I think of flash, I still envision those quintessential images of daggers with roses, and skulls with crossbones, even that black panther that so many people seem to have. Countless images hanging on the walls of tattoo shops in yellow, red, green and black.

I’m not a tattoo historian, I don’t follow the trends with a keen eye like some exceptionally informed people do, mostly because of the lack of time, but I do think it’s an important, valid pursuit. I wholeheartedly believe that knowledge of the past offers us an invaluable foundation for evolution and growth. So, I sent myself on a little quest to learn about flash and I found this…

The video was posted on YouTube almost eleven years ago, just three years after YouTube started! I love it and just as much, I love the way he tells the story.

One of the reasons that I’m enamored tattooing is because there is such a rich history of anecdotes and stories floating around in the minds of practitioners. There’s a visual and oral history that has evolved, and will continue to evolve, unlike any other art form. I’ll keep passing along stories as I discover them, but if you’re interested in tales like this, I encourage you to talk with people in the industry. It’s much more special when you’re hearing a story first hand.

In other news…

The shop is decorated, the garland is up and the holidays are right around the corner! I can’t believe it!!! For the next week we’ll be plugging away at the shop getting those last clients of 2018 taken care of. We hope you have the most magnificent holiday and bottle popping New Year! I’ll be back for one more post, but party hard my friends and have an awesome time celebrating throughout the weeks ahead!

Positively, 💋


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