Light, camera, tattoos!


Ladies and gentlemen, guess what?! Today is going to be an insanely busy day at Speakeasy Tattoo! It is. Multiple clients, multiple guests, inventory, coordinating…my only hope is that it doesn’t rain in Los Angeles because you know, that means every lane on the freeway will have someone going ten miles per hour slowing the flow of traffic. The struggle is real folks, and it happens every single time it rains in LA. LOL.

Some really cool things have happened over the past few weeks…

1) We got merch. Yup, it’s hella true. Our very own skully modeled for the pictures. We have some badass baseball caps with a sleek logo available on our site and in the shop. They’re pretty awesome. Click on over to check them out and his modeling debut.

2) We released a video on the Speakeasy Tattoo YouTube Channel. One of the most wonderful aspects of any job is planting seeds and watching them grow. Video is something that Scott brought up very early on in my apprenticeship, so it’s cool to see the channel taking shape. More videos are in the works and will be live soon. Subscribe if you’re on YouTube so you never miss a beat.

3) Another note on the video front is that BuzzFeed released a follow-up to the “Worth It” video they posted last year with Scott. Video #1 has over 20M views and Video #2 has over 2M views in just 4 days. Amazing! Ben, from BuzzFeed, has done an absolutely stellar job crafting the story and sharing some very personal experiences with the audience. Seeing his story unfold and knowing just how much meaning his tattoo carries is heart filling and inspiring. It’s one more example of the beauty of this art form. Well done!

4) I booked my first three clients. That’s right kids…this girl is transitioning into a new phase of her apprenticeship! Three consultations, three bookings and more to come. I LOVE this part of the process because it’s when the energy exchange starts to take place and you, as an artist, get to channel a vision and bring it into fruition. Studios have different approaches. I really resonate with how we take our time, begin with one-on-one meetings with our clients, filter through the ideas and then craft a custom design specific for them. It’s a developmental process that allows for your own artistry to shine, takes spirit and cultivates an energy will stay with the tattoo forever.

Alrighty, kids…I am off to the shop to smack this twelve hour day to curb. Have a good one. Oh, and Happy 2019! I hope it’s a great one for you!!!

Until next time! 💋


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