5 Things Your Modern Cottage Bathroom Needs

5 Things Your Modern Cottage Bathroom Needs
Do you love a modern cottage bathroom as much as I do? If you are starting a bathroom design or renovation project, you might be wondering what it takes to achieve this effortless style. After recently completing a project myself, I put together a list of 5 things I think your modern cottage bathroom needs.


1. Contrast

Modern cottage style is all about simplicity. It shouldn’t have a fussy or complicated colour scheme.  To achieve this look in your bathroom, pick a simple or monochromatic colour palette. Play up the contrast with dark bathroom fixtures and lighting. 

Black shower heads, faucets, shower door handles and towel fixtures against a white backdrop create the perfect amount of contrast. It’s all in the details.

2. The Right Tile

Just because a modern cottage bathroom should have a simple colour palette, it doesn’t have to be boring!  Far from it.  We chose this fabulous cement tile that has lots of personality for our backsplash in our own modern cottage bathroom. A fully tiled wall is a great way to add modern cottage style to your bathroom.
Modern cottage bathroom with cement tile wall
Even simple white subway tile can add visual interest when grouted with a darker grout. I absolutely love how the bathroom below uses the doodled wallpaper about the subway tile. So fun!  And, OMG, that double sink, people! Heavenly.
In addition to subway tile,  using penny tile in a modern cottage bathroom will add some additional visual interest.

3. Shiplap/Millwork

Shiplap and millwork will go a long way to transform your bathroom from rustic to a polished, modern cottage space. But, of course, you probably already know that!  Joanna Gaines has taught us well, my friends! #SHIPLAPFOREVER

Photo credit: Jenna Sue Design Co. – Source: Search bathroom pictures


4.  The Right Lighting

Simple lighting that evokes nostalgia is a great way to create a modern cottage bathroom vibe.  This simple barn light pendant that hangs over the tub is perfection.
And, this vanity light on the shiplapped ceiling that replicates mason jars adds a simple nostalgic vibe to this space.  It also creates gorgeous contrast against the white backdrop.

Lighting in a modern cottage bathroom doesn’t have to be simple. I also love the juxtaposition of a crystal chandelier in a simply furnished space.  It’s all a matter of personal taste.

5. Seagrass Accessories

It’s true that a contrasting or monochromatic palette can sometimes come off as cold.  But adding seagrass accessories helps create a cozy vibe.
Seagrass adds gorgeous texture to a room, and always makes a space feel fresh and modern. We accented our own modern cottage bathroom with seagrass mirrors and baskets.
Modern cottage bathroom with seagrass mirrors
This otherwise white modern cottage bathroom achieves warmth with a big seagrass rug.  Some seagrass baskets and a barn board mirror also add to the texture.

The rope on this nautical mirror, along with the baskets, adds just the right amount of texture to this space. I love how that mirror looks against the vertically shiplapped wall.

Photo by Big East ConstructionSearch powder room design ideas

Aren’t these bathrooms gorgeous? I hope you’ll find some inspiration for how to make your own modern cottage bathroom come to life.

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