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10 Absolutely Adorable Squirrel Crafts for Kids

10 Absolutely Adorable Squirrel Crafts for Kids

Via Artsy Craftsy Mom – Top Indian hobby, art and craft blog for kids

You’ll find it hard to resist the collective cuteness of these adorable squirrel crafts for kids! Make them with paper, felt, play doh or even an old glove!

Squirrels are undoubtedly cute, but they are just as pesky to catch! And I don’t mean physically catch with your hands, even trying to spot them is a task with all that scurrying up and down!

If you’re wondering why we’re talking about squirrels on this fine morning in January, it’s because 21st January is  Squirrel Appreciation Day. Yes, we have a special day to appreciate and celebrate these cute furry woodland friends of ours, that seem to be forever running around for nuts. 

So let’s have some fun with squirrels – or rather, squirrel crafts to make with kids. Turns out that you can make squirrels from anything – from play dough to felt; from paper to old gloves!

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